Summary: The greatest gift we can give Jesus this Christmas is our worship.

Worship Works Wonders

Text: Luke 2:6-20


1. “Dear Ladies,

We know you mean well. We know you think you know best. But enough is enough. We have suffered in silence for too long. Having shared our pain with one another, we husbands hereby step out of the shadows and open our hearts. This year as you shop for our Christmas gifts, please don't buy us what we need.

We know we need to smell better and look nicer. We know you like us in warm pajamas and new underwear. But we do not know what to say when we open these gifts. How can you fake enthusiasm over house slippers? How can you look happy holding a nose-hair trimmer? We've lied long enough. For the sake of integrity on Christmas morning, we offer this guidance. As you look at any potential gift, ask yourself these questions: Can he play with it? Does it swing, bounce, shuffle, cast, or roll? Can you find a trigger, grip, rip “cord, or stick shift? Does it consume oil or dog food? Does it have a big screen and a remote control? If it does, buy it. Doesn't matter that he already has one. This is no time to be practical.

When considering an item of men’s apparel, ask yourself, is it brown and green and rain resistant? You can't lose with any garment that is. Realizing that many women prefer to shop anywhere but the gun department, we offer these two questions. Does it make him look cute? Does it make him look like a hunk? If the clothing makes him look cute, drop it immediately. If it makes him look like a hunk, buy two.

When all else fails, ask, can he eat it? Note, the question is not, would you eat it? Or do other humans eat it? Or is it edible? Don't occupy yourself with trivialities. The question is, can he eat it? Anytime the answer is affirmative, consider yourself on safe ground.

In closing we extend this offer. If you will buy us what we want, we will do the same for you. Without revealing any details we will tell you this. A large vacuum “cleaner company has offered us a group discount. (And you thought we were insensitive.)

No need to thank us,

Your husbands” (Excerpt From: Max Lucado. “Because of Bethlehem (with Bonus Content).” iBooks.

2. “Christmas and gift giving. The two have always been associated with each other for good reason.

A. The magi gave Jesus the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

B. The shepherds gave Jesus the gift of their time and belief.

C. Mary gave Jesus the gift of her womb.

3. The offerings seem practical.

A. The wise men’s treasures could be used to fund the family’s escape to Egypt.

B. The shepherds’ visitation would keep the family company.

C. Mary’s womb would protect the growing child.

4. But there is one gift that might appear a bit curious. “The angels’ gift of worship.”

5. Read Luke 2:13-15

6. There are two significant aspects to this amazing gift...

A. Its Spontaneity

B. Its Focus

Proposition: The greatest gift we can give Jesus this Christmas is our worship.

Transition: The amazing nature of this gift is seen it...

I. Its Spontaneity (13).

A. Suddenly

1. The angels filled the night with light and the air with music, and, well, that’s it. They worshipped.

A. Couldn’t they have done something more useful? Mary could have used a bed.

B. Joseph would have benefited from an angelic escort back to Nazareth.

C. Baby Jesus needed a bassinet.

These were angels. Didn’t they know better?”

2. Then again, these were angels. Who knew Jesus better than they?

A. Those who knew Jesus best loved him dearest. Those who had followed him the longest gave him the gift of worship.

B. They placed their love on a pillow of praise and presented it to Jesus.

C. They did that night. They do so still. Heaven at this very moment reverberates with loud corporate worship. “Day and night they never stop saying: ‘Holy, holy, holy’” (Rev. 4:8).” (Excerpt From: Max Lucado. “Because of Bethlehem (with Bonus Content).” iBooks.

D. “The word worship actually evolved from the Old English word weorthscipe.

E. “To worship, then, is to ascribe worth to someone or something.”

F. “Worship happens anytime you turn your heart toward heaven and say, “You are worthy.”

G. When you clear your calendar for prayer, turn the radio dial to praise music, or use your morning jog to recite Bible verses or your lunch break to meditate, this is worship.” (Excerpt From: Max Lucado. “Because of Bethlehem (with Bonus Content).” iBooks.

3. Luke tells us in v. 13 "Suddenly, the angel was joined by a vast host of others—the armies of heaven—praising God..."

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