Summary: All is going to hate us individually for Jesus sake; we cannot trust knowone

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Mark 13:13

Revelation 13: 1

Are you thinking everybody love you because you’re a chrisitian?

In Luke, he says it like this. “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.” Can your understanding about different cultures be clearly visible as you look into the glass darkly of the word of God, and what makes it different?

What if you didn’t have control over your emotions, and you were shame because the eyes blinked or muscles moved in the face when you look certain people in their eye. Maybe, you just don’t like making eye contact; how would you like for someone to judge that as deception, or just a quick way to end the conversation? In order to make effective eye to eye contact; It takes practice or socializing. I find this area to be dominated by Satan; both Anglo-Americans and Nigerian’s have contrasting views about the window to the soul.

Anglo-Americans take this as concealment, but Nigerians’ take it as a sign of respect. With your heart, I want you to look at a critical situation that you were once in with the Holy Ghost being as sensitive as you know it to be. Was there any enmity between your soul and someone else’s, if it was Genesis tell us that God put it there. Hate has a long history reverting back to the Garden of Eden throughout decades until today and growing. Being hated for Jesus sake might indicate someone own affiliation with another group. Satan uses the greatest advantage when it comes down to racial; ethic, gender or whatever seems to be working.

Don’t rush to judgment in what appears to be the hate that Jesus talks about by all men, make sure if you’re going to be hated; it’s from being a witness for Jesus Christ. If you’re own a job make sure you give your job the time that belongs to them, and when you’re on your time; it’s ok to give to Jesus the fruit of your lips and praises and thanks for all he has done. Let me tell you about those who are of another group; it may be a denomination – sometime members of another denomination have set their affections on what others do for the lord - that they are not doing, and so they become offenders of the very one that they claim to trust.

Jesus says; those kind of people have a form of godliness but in reality they deny the power of God. Their denial of the power of God leds to being a backstabber, a busybody in everybody business because of their heart being set the way it is. It ignores the right spirit; Jesus says do not your aims to be seen of men, do they really have an ear to hear what the spirit says? He says you’ll know a tree by the fruit that it bares. If I’m attempting to gain a psychological or social thrill to be accepted by others; with your eye’s on that, you can bet that they are going to brag about their acts among each other.

We gone be hated by our families, friends, pastors and primary and secondary groups; all men shall hate you for my name sake. You can’t trust a realistic environment because the people in it are not who they appear to be; you can’t trust the mindset of a realistic environment, many have done this, and later said I really didn’t know this person like I thought I did. It will happen to you, it’s got too; the realistic environment in the church has wounded so many severely to the heart until they have walked away from God. I choose to trust the word and the spirit in the word myself individually instead of repeating the same words over and over again "I thought he or she was a Christian"

You got to learn how to close your eyes and hope the next day that you might find peace to carry on. Pray for the men who stand all day long with their eyes open. Don’t get discourage when people don’t acted out the word of God: don’t get relax when they do, because the trying of our faith works patience in us. Don’t let others tear the word of God down to their hatred for him in you. Let’s wait on the lord, either way it goes it’s out of your control. Jesus wants to give us the power to wait. If I learn how to identify my own feelings, that don’t mean I can trust them, because my feeling change but if I learn how to identify the feelings in Jesus, I know without a doubt in my heart that I can trust them, because Jesus is the beginning and ending of all things.

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