Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: YET God. There are many thing in our lives that we cant do. YET God. This sermon takes a look at the Prophet Jeremiah and how God used him




A. How many of you have watched whose line is it?

B. One of my favorite skits that they do is Unlikely Super Hero’s

C. The idea is to have the audience think of a unlikely super Heroes and a Crisis that they are facing

D. Then as it goes on, another person will enter and the one who came it before him will call him an unlikely super hero

E. It is funny because most super hero’s are like the strongest fastest can fly type super hero

F. Then they have these unlikely super hero’s

G. You would think that God would use the normal super hero’s

H. However, that is not always the case

I. We are going to look at one of the most unlikely super hero’s you will ever meet

J. Jeremiah

K. We are going to see how Jeremiah was able to define a two word phrase

L. YET God

I. Y oung

A. Explanation

1. Jeremiah was sitting around one day minding just enjoying the day

2. Taking it easy, relaxing, maybe it was a day like it has been this week

3. Then the Lord come to Jeremiah and says “You will be my appointed spokesman to all the world

4. (Read 1:5)

5. To this Jeremiah responds “What you talking about Willis”

6. Ok Not Exactly how he responded (Read 1:6)

7. I looked in different commentaries trying to figure out his exact age

8. Well there is debate about if he was 12 or if he was 13

9. 12 or 13 who cares close enough

10. We understand then that he was just a young boy, not even a young man

11. And here he is be called to be God’s spokesman

B. Application

1. What can we learn from this?

2. You might think you are young,

3. YET God can still use you

4. You might think you are too old

5. YET God can still use you

6. You might think you are not smart enough

7. YET God can still use you

8. You might think you have nothing to offer

9. YET God can still use you

10. You might think someone else is far more gifted then you are

11. YET God can still use you

C. Illustration

1. Did you get to see the Rookie? It was based on a true story. A story about a guy who had big league potential but then hurt his arm and could not pitch anymore. He was coaching baseball and made a deal with his team if they win he would try out for the Majors. Well he finally makes it.

2. He was too old

3. He would not be able to pitch again after his surgery

4. No team would hire him

5. Yet he still was able to do it

6. Do not use that excuse. Do not give me your to young, old, dumb, have nothing to offer, and so on….

7. It does not work

8. Let’s look at what the Lord said to Jeremiah (Read 1:7-8)

9. God’s in control, that is all you need to worry about

II. E xicitable

A. Explanation

1. You would think that Jeremiah would realize that the Lord would be with him

2. However there were times in Jeremiah’s life that he seem to forget that and get a little excited

3. (Read 15:10-18)

4. Listen to him, Jeremiah is very excited

5. Jeremiah was told by God Himself that he would be protected seems to have forgotten

6. Can you really blame Jeremiah though

7. How would you react after you told a bunch of people that they were going to die, and now they wanted to kill you?

8. I’m thinking I would react much the same unfortunately

9. However, Jeremiah is able to get back on the right path

10. Read (16:19-20)

B. Application

1. How can we apply this to our lives?

2. There will be days when you feel completely abandoned

3. YET God is still there

4. There will be days when you tell someone the truth (the truth be the Gospel) and they will want to kill you

5. Yet God is still there

6. There will be times when you feel your whole family, city, state, nation, world is against you

7. Yet God is still there

8. God has never abandoned you

9. God will never abandoned you

10. Yet God is still there

C. Illustration

1. Read footprints poem

2. You God is still there

III. T eachable

A. Explanation

1. Another characteristic about Jeremiah was that he was teachable

2. Read 1:6 (again)

3. Notice not only does it say that he was young it says he cant speak

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