Summary: Learn what it really menas to P R E S S your way into a miracle!

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“You Crawled In, But You’re Walkin’ Out.”

“Press Your Way Into A Miracle.”

Matthew 9: 20-22 / Mark 5:25-34 / Luke 8:43-48

I) This is a season of blessings, favor and miracles

a) I want to concentrate on miracles

b) Story Chronology

1) Jesus is going to the house of

Jairus to resurrect his Daughter

(Jairus= Ruler of a synagogue)

2) Why there are no names used

(to keep focus on the miracle)

3) What our role is in the receiving

of miracles (P R E S S)

II) “P”-> Primed (Mark 5:25-26)

You need to be primed by God for a miracle

a) God chooses whom he wants for a miracle

(it’s not for you, but for him)

b) He chose this woman (certain)

c) Allowed her to go through (suffered;

Allowed not made) 2 Cor 12:7

d) All she did made it worse

III) “R”-> Recognize (Mark 5:27)

Recognize the presence of God in your situation

a) She wasn’t looking for him 1st; then she

heard about him & his works she came on


b) When she got into his presence, she moved

on faith;

c) Faith is the glue that holds a miracle


IV) “E”-> Expect (Matthew 9:20)

Expect God to do it; whatever it is

a) Her faith in God causes her to take

action / faith in action makes miracles

possible (touch the hem / original idea)

b) Why did she have to press? There are

always going to be people trying to keep

you from the miracle

c) Why did she touch the hem?

1) She was weak

2) She was breaking Levitical Law

(Lev 15:19-27, 32-33)

d) Expectation = Obligation

V) “S”-> Separate (Luke 8:44b-46)

Separate your old self from your new self

a) You’ve been empowered (he felt virtue leave

his body)

b) You’ve gone from a nobody to a somebody

(Vs.46 “Somebody”; Going from nobody to...)

VI) “S”-> Start Over

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