Summary: You have to let the old man die out!!!

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Philippians 3:7-11

The Apostle Paul tells us here in this passage

that to really know Jesus Christ you must first


VS. 10 says, That I may know him and the

power of his resurrection, and the fellowship

of his sufferings

being made comformable unto his death!!

Have you already committed suicide?

If so then you already know Jesus

If not We’ll encourage you in a little bit

To allow us to introduce you to Him!

Matthew 13:44 says:

Again the kingdom of heaven is like unto

treasure hid in a field;

the which when a man hath found, he

hideth and for joy thereof goeth and

selleth all that he hath

and buyeth that field!!!!

I have my part of that field bought and paid

For tonight

I just want to know if you’re paid up??

After you have committed suicide THEN

There has to be a resurrection tonight

In - your life for you to be a Christian!!

VS. 11 says

If by any means I might attain unto the

Resurrection of the dead!!!

The death and resurrection Paul is talking

About here is not anything physical or Fleshly

He’s talking about spiritual

This is what the Apostle was desiring to

Let us in on here in our reading tonight


As a matter of fact He’s letting us know that

This death and resurrection is not something

That We can accomplish on our own!!!

We can only get it through our Lord Jesus Christ

ISAIAH 53 says:

He shall see of the travail of his soul

and shall be satisfied by his knowledge

shall my righteous servant justify many

for he shall bear their iniquities!

I think that there’s many Christians that

Don’t know Jesus intimately or they don’t

Have an Intimate relationship with Him

Because they still haven’t committed suicide!!

You can see it in so-called Christians

Just by the way that they act or you can

Tell usually by the way that they talk!!

Many haven’t committed suicide yet!!

They still hang on to that old life

That old person!!

People you have to put that old person

To death!!!

That old man must die your old nature

Has to die and the new man

Must shine through!!

You have to remember that your spirit was

What was born again when you got saved,

Not your flesh!!!

2nd Corinthians 4:16 says

for which cause we faint not;

but though our outward man perish,

yet the inward man is renewed day by day!!!

When a person is saved

Then their veil or their blindness of their

Minds and the hardness of their hearts are cured!

They can now have more happiness

Because they have peace and Joy and comfort

In the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

Colossians 3:10 says

And have put on the new man

Which is renewed in knowledge

After the image of him that

Created him!!!!

The new man is the new person that you become

After you’re saved

You’ll posses a new nature,

You’ll have new values,

You’ll have a new lifestyle

You’ll have new friends

And your old friends won’t have anything

To do with you cause they feel to much

Jesus when they’re around you!!

And your new man will be made fresh

And new each and every day

Don’t get me wrong you’re gonna have battles

With the devil

You’re gonna be persecuted for His name’s sake

But we may take on some shrapnel today

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