• Caleb Anderson

    Contributing sermons since Nov 4, 2016
Caleb's church

Mariners Church Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach, California 92468

About Caleb
  • Education: Caleb graduated from USC with a Business Communications Degree and went on to receive his Master’s Degree in Theology from Golden Gate Seminary
  • Experience: Caleb Anderson has been the Lead Pastor at Mariners Church in Huntington Beach since 2012, when it began its rapid growth. Caleb, Author of Favor With Kings and My Near Death Experiment is an innovative thinker who inspires development of mind, body, heart and spirit in meaningful and practical ways. Caleb has the privilege of working as a Pastor at Saddleback Church under Rick Warren and has also worked as a Corporate Trainer and Consultant.
  • Family: Caleb is married to his beautiful wife Hilary and they have two boys, Jack and Henry.
  • Hobbies: Ball Sports
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Newest Sermons

  • When Things Get Real

    Contributed on Nov 10, 2016
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    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others

    “When the calling is clear, walk away from the castle” When reality sets in: Leaving security for possibility <<refer to surveys—read them all—great ideas… some of you are waiting on us… but we’re waiting on you>> Stories: - Leaving comfortable more

  • Give It Away Now

    Contributed on Nov 7, 2016

    What happens when you’re successful? It might look differently you imagined… but let’s expect that you’re efforts will have an impact for good in the world… or at least in one person’s world. That’s called success.

    What’s easier to deal with success or failure? no one likes failure, but success is more dangerous 52 days Nehemiah is wildly successful What happens when you’re successful? It might look differently you imagined… but let’s expect that you’re efforts will more

  • Can't Stop Won't Stop

    Contributed on Nov 7, 2016

    Staying the course…finishing well…in a word, persevering Is the revolution still on? in YOUR home—marriage/kids? At your workplace? Is integrity still worth defending? Is hope still worth holding onto?

    Personal… gratitude… Nehemiah Mission from God might not be out there… might be right in front of you (parent blended family) might not be BIG… out there… Nehemiah has been our guide—and Favor With Kings our simple tool—to explore what I believe more

  • People Projects

    Contributed on Nov 7, 2016
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    No matter what you're doing… PEOPLE will have something to do with it. You might not think of yourself as a leader, but you influence someone.

    The project is always about the people But you and I, as humans, can get lost in the project …lost in the PROFITS …lost in the politics …lost in the praise …and forget about the people No matter what you're doing… or what you want to do… PEOPLE will more

  • Favor, Don't Leave Home Without It

    Contributed on Nov 7, 2016

    Conviction can be cultivated. And the more passion you develop… the more clarity you get that this could be a mission from God that motivates me and matters to someone else. (It doesn’t have to be the last project I do… it probably won’t be…)

    Last time: Conviction can be cultivated Stories so far… life group jumping in and coming back for 6pm tear-down 33-year-old mom who didn’t realize they’re doing a dream already friend: “We came to this church because it’s real and not weird… And I more