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Charles Lane Iii

Contributor since: Feb 14, 2004

Charles's church

Christian Education Ministries

Tacoma Washington , 98405

About Charles Lane Iii

Education: "School of Hard Knocks"; many classes, workshops, training sessions at Denominational level and statewide interdenominational events; training by the three Pastors who have taught me the most and have had the greatest personal impact upon my life and development: Pastor Keith LaGesse, Pastor Elden Kirschman, Pastor Ivory Crittendon.

Sermon or series that made a difference: "I Don’t Want to Go to Hell", Dr. E. V. Hill. "Confronting Casual Christianity", Pastor Elden Kirschman.

Family: Married to a beautiful, godly woman, Diane. Son, Charles IV, much smarter, more imaginative than I ever was. Daughter, Margaret Ann Louise, compassionate, loving, caring, gentle, patient. Four incredibly wonderful grandchildren, Jacob, Amanda, Hannah, Andrew.

Best advice given to me about preaching: "When you’ve got a word from God to speak out, stand up and speak it plainly and boldly, and when you’ve done that, then immediately shut up and sit down."

Books that have had an impact: A Savior Worth Having, Dr. E. V. Hill.

Hobbies: Reading, natural history, raising pet lizards.

What I want on my tombstone: As it was said of Abraham in James 2:23, He was the friend of God.