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Trinity Church
Palestine, Texas 75801

About David
  • Education: Jacksonville College -- Associates Jacksonville Theological Seminary - BAR
  • Experience: I have been in or around Ministry my entire life. I am a third generational minister of the Gospel..."not by choice", I tell folks. Grandpa was BMA Preacher for 60+ years who died on his way to preach, my Father was a Minister of the Gospel for 40+ years before he died. I will by Faith try to follow in their footsteps. An Old man once told me saying: "son, if you think God is calling you to preach, try not too" I tried not to for a long time. I surrendered to the gospel ministry in 1994 and have attempted to serve as a Pastor of 4 churches and have served as a worship pastor and even traveled full time in as a front man in a gospel quartet. I have serves in Baptist Church's and many other denominations but now I am proud to be Non-Denominational. I teach and preach expositionally for the most part and from time to time to Topical Sermons. Almost everything I prepare these days are in Series; in that I feel like it is impossible to really cover the context of scripture in a 30-45 min time frame. I will do my best to "Preach the Word" 2 Tim 4:2. ~ "It's a great responsibility to own a bible" ~ Unknown.
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