• Luciano Lombardi

    Contributing sermons since Jan 1, 2000
Luciano's church

Howard Park Pentecostal Church
Toronto, *Province/Other M6R 2S1

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  • The Greatest Gift Of All Time: Being Known By Someone

    Contributed on Mar 9, 2001
    based on 91 ratings

    In a day and age where people evaluate each other by what they know, God has revealed to men and women the privilege of being known by someone.

    The Greatest Gift of All Time: To Be Known By Someone Subject: Friendship Theme: Friendship with God and Others Text: 2 Timothy 1:1-18 Time: Sunday Morning March 11, 2001 Question: Have we realized this Greatest Gift? Introduction: In Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brother’s more

  • A "Two-Sided"Story:living Between Two Mountains

    Contributed on Mar 2, 2001
    based on 91 ratings

    Objective: The two sides of the story of our life rise up to remind us that life is always best when lived with God rather than without God.

    “A Two-Sided Story” Subject: Relationship with God Theme: The Two sides to our relationship with God Text: Joshua 23:14-16 Time: Sunday Evening March 4, 2001 Question: What are the results of the choices we make? Introduction: In the story “A River Runs Through It” - two sons of a more

  • Passing On The Torch

    Contributed on Feb 27, 2001
    based on 95 ratings

    Objective: As the people of God, a torch has been passed to us giving us the purpose to be to the world what Jesus was to Israel.

    PASSING ON THE TORCH Subject: Christians in the World Theme: Our Purpose in the World Time: Sunday Morning July 16, 2000 Question: What is passed on to us? Introduction: This summer we will witness one of the most reknowned traditions in the world - The Summer Olympics - dating more

  • Fame

    Contributed on Feb 27, 2001
    based on 65 ratings

    Objective: Our fame is found in Jesus who lifts us up with him; restoring us and the world to the Father.

    FAME Subject: Our Life in Jesus Text: John 17:1-5 Time: Sunday night June 18, 2000 Question: Where do we find our fame? Introduction: Where do you go to get fame? - Hollywood California / New York City - ride a barrel over the Falls - “everyone will have their 15 minutes more

  • You Can't Always Trust What You See

    Contributed on Feb 27, 2001
    based on 84 ratings

    Objective: We, above all, must trust who Jesus is, because on our own, things are just not what they seem!

    THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM TO BE! Subject: Jesus Theme: Jesus going on ahead of us! Text: John 18:15-27 Time: Sunday morning October 22, 2000 Introduction: It’s not always what it seems to be. Our national pride is not always what it seems to be: On the sixth more

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