• Pastor Emmanuel Sule

    Contributing sermons since Sep 27, 2012
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Omega Fire Ministry, South Africa
Randburg, *Province/Other 2194

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  • Guard Your Heart

    Contributed on Sep 27, 2012
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    In this insightful message, you will discover truths from God's Word on why you must guard your heart against bitterness

    There are people who are not only bitter with their fellowman, but are equally bitter with God, for one reason or the other. It is important that we understand that bitterness is the work of the devil to make you shift focus from the One who can help you to the one who will hurt you. Bitterness of more

  • Uncommon Authority And Unusual Security (Part 1)

    Contributed on Sep 27, 2012
    based on 4 ratings

    This messages reveals practical insights why every believer must grow in spiritual authority and maturity.

    I believe the subject of this article is the craving of every person; the need for authority and security is the reason why many people involve themselves in all kinds of things. Authority and security are the two major promises the devil flaunts at people to destroy their destinies. The quest for more