• Randy Wilson

    Contributing sermons since Aug 1, 2011
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Faith Family Fellowship
Jacksonville, Florida 32224

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  • Life's Two Most Important Questions

    Contributed on Aug 1, 2011
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    Of all the questions that have ever been asked, the apostle Paul asked the two most important: Who are You, Lord? and, What do You want me to do?

    Message Title: "Life's Two Most Important Questions" Message Text: Acts 9:1-9 Introduction: Questions. Questions. Questions. I have six grandchildren and two of them are twin seven year olds. They have asked every question known to man and have invented some above and beyond. I'm reminded of the more

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  • King Of The Jungle

    Contributed on Aug 1, 2011

    KING OF THE JUNGLE I'm reminded of the lion who woke up one morning and decided it was time to stroll through the jungle and check on his kingdom. He came first to a giraffe chewing on some leaves up in a tree. "Hey, long neck," he asked, "Who's the king of the jungle?" "Why you are on more