• Samuel Young

    Contributing sermons since Jun 3, 2011
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Loma Linda Chinese Church
Loma Linda, California 92354
(909) 478-3939

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  • Who Are You - Introducing Job

    Contributed on Nov 10, 2016

    Ask the core question of who a Christian really is. Examines the story of Job and other stories to find the answer.

    Introducing You I remember the first time someone called me "uncle". It was Clayton Koh. I still remember where we were. He was walking out of this very fellowship hall with two hands full of stuff. I held the door open for him and he said: "Thank you uncle Sam." He probably didn't think of it. more

  • Rich Young Ruler - Law Of God

    Contributed on Dec 14, 2014
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    The path to discipleship starts from the Law, then giving up all that you have to follow Jesus. How does the ten commandments teach us this concept? Jesus challenged the Rich Young Ruler to take his keeping the law one step beyond he expected.

    The Fawn A couple weeks ago, we went to Yellowstone Park. While we were there, we saw a bear, some bisons, deer, elks, ground hogs, and many other smaller animals. Today I want to tell you a story about a family of deer. Let us pretend that this is the family of deer. Two young fawns and their more

  • Far Away In A Manager - A Different Perspective

    Contributed on Dec 14, 2014

    Mary's four gifts - shephards, gold, frankincense, and Myrrh. You are that gift to the world. I have power point, video and song with this sermon. Be happy to share them.

    Mary All is at rest. It is quite now. As she lays beside her husband and her new born baby, she drifts in and out of a tired sleep. But when the baby stirs, she wakes. In the still of the night, she reflects the events of the past day. They had just traveled three days to her husband's home more

  • Restoring The First Love

    Contributed on May 16, 2014
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    Sermon outlines the simple formula established by God 2000 years ago for church growth.

    -- Introduction -- When Dr. Larry Wong decided to step-down as the Head Elder, Ps. Yuen and the other elders asked me to step-up as become the head elder of this church. I prayed and asked God what is it that He wanted me to do? What do You want for the Loma Linda Chinese Church? During one of more

  • Greatest Human Father Of Them All

    Contributed on May 16, 2014

    Father's Day Sermon - A major part of world considers Abraham as their father. What makes this man so great and what can we learn from him to be a great father ourselves. 7 characteristics of this great father. Sorry, this is just an outline.

    Scripture Reading: Genesis 17:4. "Behold, my covenant is with you, and you shall be the father of a multitude of nations. Father of Multitude of Nations Have you ever been out on I15 on the way to Las Vegas at night? If you take one of those exits such as Zzyzx, turn right and go about 1 more