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· I’m a pastor, and theologically, I am not paid for the work I do, I am paid so that I may be free to devote myself to the ministry. It makes a difference.

· My church does not pay me to preach the Gospel. I do that freely.

· My church does not pay me to visit someone in the hospital. I do that freely.

· When someone calls me at 3:00 AM and needs to talk to the pastor, I don’t’ punch a time clock or report my time to someone.

· Visiting a parishioner—how can you put a price tag on that?

· Counseling someone in crisis? I wouldn’t know what to charge.

· My salary is given to me so that I can be free to devote myself completely to ministry, and not be distracted by another full time job.

· I’m reminded of a minister who was sitting with his Board of Elders. An elder said, “I don’t’ see why we should give you a raise just to preach one sermon per week.” The minister replied, “I preach the gospel for free. I’m paid to attend meetings and for that I’m woefully underpaid.”

(written by Maynard Pittendreigh of Sunrise Church, Miami, FL)

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