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Until a few years ago, there were no laws about child safety seats and automobile restraint systems. Tragically, many young children were not safely belted in their seats, and they died in car accidents. Today, though, laws prohibit children from riding in a car without a child seat facing the right direction and properly installed. Even new mothers need to have the seat installed before talking a child home from the hospital.

Of all the expressions of human love, there is probably no more pure and beautiful love than that of a parent for a child. Yet, when a child’s safety is at stake, it seems a parent’s love is not always enough. Parents did not always do what was best for their children. Many parents needed a law or boundary to ensure that their love for their children did not fall short of perfect love.

God knows the same is true of our love and devotion toward him and other people. He knows our feelings are not enough. We needed laws and boundaries in the form of commands to aid us in loving him and other people fully.

[Commands Help Us Love, Citation: Troy Dean, Fullerton, California]

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