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I remember trying to get approved for our first mortgage. There were a number of difficulties and it was very frustrating both for me, and I'm sure for our agent. But after all the sweat and tears we got approval and consequently the offer on the house we wanted was accepted. Some weeks later I called our guy again, that was his name, Guy. And gave him an update on our financial picture, wanting to make sure everything was still in order. My wife has taken this job, this credit card is paid off, we sold this vehicle .... things had happened and our financial picture was clearer and better. I thought Guy would be pleased, but he explained to me very politely ... IT DOESN'T MATTER. You are ALREADY approved. I could have quit my job, maxed out my credit cards, bought a dozen cars on credit ... that wouldn't have changed the equations. I was already approved.

Christian, you are already approved. God has accepted you, ALREADY. Not because of your efforts, not because you are worthy, because of GRACE.

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