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Pride is dangerously deceptive. A while back I had been doing some work

on the computer when it crashed and I lost all my work. I came upstairs and

Vanessa was amazed at how good my attitude was. She said, “Are you

okay after losing your work?” I said, “Well, the computer certainly saves me

a lot of time, but I can’t complain if it takes some back now and then. It’ll be

okay.” She said, “It’s amazing how calm you are and how happy you seem

even though you’ve lost a lot of work. You really have a great attitude.”

She left the room and I thought, “She’s right. I really do have a good

attitude. Instead of ranting and raving, I just accept it and move on. That’s

good. That’s mature. In fact, that’s how Jesus would respond.”

Later on the kids did something they shouldn’t have and my wife got a little

upset. A little later I forgot to do something and she became upset again. I

thought, “I have this great attitude, but hers is awful. Why can’t she just roll

with the punches like I do?”

Being the one with the more mature attitude I felt it was my duty to lecture

her on how rotten hers had become.

Do you see how pride is conceived. That morning I might have been

Christ-like, but by evening I had become a Pharisee. Pride is just that

potent, that abusive, that offensive, that destructive. Relationally there are

few things more obnoxious than self righteousness. Spiritually there are few

things more lethal than pride.

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