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QUOTE: By Ron Mehl (Love Found a Way).

“Some people think I get a little carried away with Christmas. No, they don’t actually say anything (who wants to offend the pastor?). But I can tell. I’ve caught them rolling their eyes or changing the subject. I know that they’re thinking. They think I’m too sentimental and nostalgic. All right, I confess, I do love the trees, decorations, carols, gifts, lights, candy – and all the rest of it. And if I’m “carried away,” at least it’s to somewhere I want to go! But that’s not the reason for my enthusiasm and joy. This time of year never fails to excite me because God, the real gift-giver, found a way to love, bless, and care for people like me. While the world has made Christmas a brazenly commercial, nonsacred event, I refuse to become cynical or to allow what others do to strip My Favourite Day of its true meaning. For me, the bells I hear at Christmas announce the glorious truth that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.”

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