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- I love the commercial where a daddy takes his little girl to a public pool with the purpose of teaching her how to dive off the diving board. Maybe you’ve seen it, I think it is advertising Kodak or something. And so there they are, the day begins with them both having high hopes of a successful diving experience, but then as she climbs the tall ladder, and as she inches her way out to the end of the diving board and looks down... the fear of the unknown grips her and she just stands there at the end of the board staring down and then at her father, and then down again. Her father pleads with her to jump, tells her it will be okay, but she just stands there paralyzed with fear, unable to trust her father.

- And so often we stand in the same place. At the end of our line, looking into the great unknown, wanting to go forward, wanting to jump... but fear seizes us, and doubts cloud us. And that is when we must trust in the Living God, the All knowing God... the God who is worthy of our trust in each and every situation. And when we learn to trust in the midst of the Great Unknown, then our trust in God will grow.

- And so finally, as the day moves closer to an end, the cute little girl takes a leap of faith. Finally, she learned to trust. And when she came up out of the water, filled with sheer joy and exhiliration. She turned to her father and said....

"Let’s Do It Again Daddy."

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