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In closing I remember a time when I was walking in a town and saw a young lady that was to say the least intoxicated. She was having a serious problem walking, let alone know where she was going, or have a clue of how to get there. I carefully avoided her, as I was embarrassed at the thought of even having anything to do with her. As I walked on I noticed that everyone else showed the same contempt and repulsive attitude that I did.

All of a sudden a grungy looking older man with dirty clothes and at least a five day old beard came limping up to her. He certainly would be considered by most people something less than desirable company. In a tone of voice and street language that only she could understand he asked, “Whare do you’s lives doll?” She mumbled and stammered something about a location that only he could understand. In his garbled raspy voice he replied, “I knows just where that is I’ll sees you home”. As the two stumbled away it came to me that I had just witnessed the love of Jesus that I had no idea how to show. My eyes filled with tears of shame and regret I sat on a bus stop bench on next street corner. I sat there in shame that I had turned my back on a hurting and lost human being that needed my help. As the tears streamed down my cheeks I asked God to forgive me for being so self-centered, self-righteous, and selfish. Who was I to think I was better than her?

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