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It was a sleepy spring afternoon when a tornado struck Waco, Texas. It left behind a wake of destruction seldom witnessed: 113 people dead, hundreds more left homeless, and millions of dollars in property damage. Workers commented the buildings had their outside walls and roof completely gone while the floor and inside walls remained intact, every piece of furniture exactly where it had been before the storm struck. The buildings looked like gigantic doll houses waiting for a huge hand to reach inside them.

The explanation for the condition of the houses is: at the center of a tornado a vacuum is created. When the vacuum surrounds a house, the pressure of the air on the inside of the house is greater than that on the outside, and it literally explodes. (Texas Baptist Record, 1989)

Something like that is happening in our homes today. We live in a moral and spiritual vacuum, and our homes are exploding from the inside out. At one time marriages were held together by religious convictions, social pressures, and economic necessity. Today, these outer pressures no longer exist. The result is an exploding divorce rate.

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