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About six months ago my son Caleb began to walk. He quickly went from a staggering walk to a run. Now he is twenty months old and anyone who has kids knows at that age they become pretty brave, so now he is jumping off of anything that elevates him, whether it is jumping off of books or stools or anything of that nature. In my house I have a split foyer, being that when you walk in the front door you either have to walk upstairs to the living room or downstairs to the basement. Well, every night when he is going to bed, I wait for him on the third step from the top. I say to him ?Ready? Set? GO! At that time he begins his travel towards me. It is almost like slow motion. When I look at his face I can see anticipation as well as excitement as he is getting closer. As he nears the end of his runway, he leaps without reservation into my arms! Trusting that I will catch him. the same way we need to just LEAP into God's arms and he will catch you, because the same way that I would never let my son drop, because of the love I have for him, is the same way God is. He will not let you fall. Trust in him without reservation. No second thoughts, just JUMP!

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