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In 1993, Dave moved his family from Florida to Tennessee to escape creditors and legalized gambling. He knew his family had suffered there from his gambling addiction, especially horse racing. He recalled when he moved to Florida he saw signs as they crossed the state line: "Welcome to Florida. Play the Florida Lottery." Thomas, who had already begun to gamble before moving to Florida, began spending $2-$3 a week on lottery tickets. He justified it because of the low cost of the tickets and the idea he could help his family. He dreamed of buying his parents a better house. Soon, however, the few dollars he spent weekly on lottery tickets grew to $50 by playing the daily "Cash 3, Cash 4, or Pick 5" tickets. Then Thomas was introduced to dog racing. He began asking for advances on his salary. In the 10 years his family lived in Florida, they moved 11 times, often in the middle of the night to escape landlords and often after having the utilities turned off.

How did the race yesterday affect people like Dave?

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