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I don’t know about you but as I was growing up I worked hard at trying to figure out ways to insure that Mom or Dad would say yes. I don’t know how it worked around your house but I always got what I call the classic response. Here’s how it went, I would ask my dad if I could go somewhere or if I could have something it didn’t matter what it was because more times than not his answer was (ask audience to respond) go ask your mother. So I did and her answer was almost always (ask audience to respond) go ask your Dad. Now that always presented itself as somewhat of a dilemma to me but I was resourceful so I went back to my dad and said, “ Mom said it was alright with her if it’s alright with you”. I waited with anticipation to hear the word and finally after what seemed like an eternity there it was, he finally said YES. Yes, yes, yes! That’s the words we all want to hear even if we have to suffer the consequences for not telling the truth.

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