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The drug scene alone gives us countless examples. It is estimated that in the United States alone people spend 80 billion dollars annually on drugs. The business is too big to fight. The big dealers scoff at the law. It is nothing for one of them to post one million dollars bond and then simply walk away laughing. About 15 million Americans smoke pot regularly; some 45 million Americans are said to have tried this drug. We are told that people are starting to take it at an earlier age than ever before and that they are smoking it more frequently and in much longer doses.

Teenagers think it is smart to smoke marijuana. In fact, more money is spent on marijuana than on tobacco. Users consider marijuana a safe drug and scoff at stories that tell the opposite. Yet, scientists warn the habitual use of the drug damages the white cells reducing the body’s ability to fight infection. The best way to describe these drug users is with the old-fashioned, King James Version word “heady”. Unfortunately, they often have the sad example of their pot-puffing older brothers, sisters and parents. Worse still, they receive confusing signals from officialdom.

Another popular drug in this highly dangerous world is PCP, sometimes called angel dust. And yet, millions of professionals have another drug of ...

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