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There is this Christian comedian who was sharing his testimony. He came to a point in his life when he was drinking, doing some drugs, had some money issues, his relationship with his wife was falling apart, and he said that he had even beat his small child for crying. When all this was going on, he had the chance to play golf with a fellow comedian. This other comedian was wealthy and just did comedy for fun. So, they were playing golf, and the first comedian brought up the subject of accumulating wealth, because he believed that, if he could get enough money, it would solve some of his problems. The wealthy guy told him some kind of money principle. The comedian asked him where it came from, and the guy said, "The Bible." The same thing happened a few more times, and each time the guy gave the comedian a money principle from the Bible. He shared some Godly lessons he had learned that pointed out to this comedian that God has an interest in real life, and God has something to say about real circumstances. Ultimately, over time, the comedian became a believer.

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