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A young lady busied herself getting ready for a blind date. He had promised dinner at an exclusive downtown restaurant with live music and dancing. Wanting to make a good first impression she had taken the day off work. She cleaned her apartment; she went out that afternoon to have her hair done and get a manicure. When she got home she put on her best dress and was ready for her date’s arrival. The time came and went, but he did not knock.

After waiting over an hour she realized that she had been stood up. She took off her dress, let down her hair, put on her pajamas, gathered all her favorite junk food and plopped down to watch TV with her dog. Sometime later there was a knock at the door; it was her date.

He looked at her surprised and said, “What! I gave you two extra hours and you’re still not ready to go?”

Jesus has given us a few hours more than we expected, but he is coming. Does your life reveal that you are ready for his return, or is your profession not matched by your practice? Are you practicing what you preach?

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