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Many years ago Charles G. Finney was preaching in Rochester, New York. Far up in the balcony was a brilliant and able lawyer. He was chief justice of the

court of New York. As he listened to the minister, he became convicted of his need to follow Christ. "That man is speaking the truth," he said to himself. "I ought to act up on it. Here and now I ought to make a public confession of Jesus Christ." But there was another voice that spoke, reminding him of the prominent position he held, also how humiliating it would be for him to go forward and make his confession just as any ordinary sinner. "But why not?" came the more manly voice! Then, lest his cowardice might get the better of him, while the minister was still speaking, he arose and went down the stairway and the long aisle. He stepped into the pulpit, plucked the minister by the sleeve, and said, "If you will call for decisions for Christ now, I am ready to come." By that courageous decision he not only found Christ for himself, but was the means of helping to bring a new spiritual springtime to his entire city.

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