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I would like to share a short story with you about a young man who was to write a PhD dissertation about the Navajo Indians. He was from Indiana and had never met or seen one of these and so knew little to nothing about them. So it was decided that he would go to live with a family of the Navajo on a reservation in Arizona. Arrangements were made and off he went. He showed up with his brand new Dodge pickup all black and shiny. He got out of his truck wearing his brand new cowboy stile boots with brand new jeans and cowboy stile hat and carrying brand new white leather duffle bag with his extra brand new clothes for the year. He looked around the yard and didn’t see anyone and after a while the man came out and with out a word led him in and showed him his bed. No one said a word to him that first day. There was the dad and mother several children and a grandmother. After a few days he was able to befriend the children by entering into their play and by generously complementing the food he finally gained some friend ship with the mother. By showing an interest in learning some Indian hunting skills he gained friendship with the father also. But grandma was not so easily bought. The man and the family began to really enjoy each other very much as time went on and all too soon the year was over. The man ate his last breakfast there and got his now not so white leather duffle bag and headed for his not so new looking Dodge truck that was not shiny anymore and that had a broken window and dirty seats and banged in fenders. The children just jumped into the truck like they had so many times in this past year and with tears in their eyes they gave him hugs and said their good byes. The father and mother too had a few tears in their eyes as they were saying goodbye. As he was getting into his truck ready to close the door grandma came outside and walked up to him and handed him a little gift and looking up into his eyes and for the first time she spoke to him. And in very fine calculated English words she says to him “I like me best when I am with you”.

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