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Often God surprises us to our shame. I remember a couple that shared how they tried to witness and help their neighbor who was a raging alcoholic. They prayed for her and took her under their wing but she seemed hopeless. She might get clean for a little while, but then she went right back to the bottle. Eventually, they began to put some distance between them and her, and even eventually they forgot to pray for her. She seemed hopeless.

After spending the summer in PA, they went back to Florida to find this woman sober for several months. Her countenance had completely changed. She was saved and involved in her church. She was completely different. She even thanked them for all that they had done for her, even though they inwardly were thoroughly embarrassed by their lack of faith. But they were able to celebrate the amazing power of God and God’s continuing ability to surprise us in what seems to be the most hopeless of cases.

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