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I was using pot and drinking. I gravitated toward rock and eventually into heavy metal and thrash, because this music fed my negative emotions. In fact, there were specific songs that I couldn’t hear for several years later without having a response that put me emotionally back in that place.

By the time I sought help for my drinking, I was consumed with anger. I controlled it and had fun, but whenever something happened that I didn’t like, I responded with anger.

When I was twenty, I found out that I had never truly given God the control of my life. When I did that, God relieved my of the obsession to drink immediately.

I have said that I had a lot of issues to work out. And anger was one of them. I began to learn why I was angry. Many times it was because I was afraid. I saw how deeply rooted this problem was. I also learned to feel other emotions and not cover them with anger. And I learned what to do with my anger.

It has taken lots of time, work, prayer, and help from others. But I can honestly stand here and say to you that today, I am no longer a slave to anger.

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