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Give It to Get It

I have the opportunity to hang out with alcoholics and addicts that are working on recovery. And it is truly amazing to see how they often serve one another. You see for those in recovery serving those who are still suffering in terms of sharing the greatest thing that they have, recovery, is what recovery is all about. I know it seems paradoxical. I know it seems like I am using double talk or something. But it is true.

There is a phrase that is often used. Perhaps you've heard it, "You've got to give it away to keep it." Those in recovery learn that you have to give away your experience, strength, and hope in order to keep. You've got to share your recovery with those who still suffering in order to keep it. For some mysterious reason, it works.

And that to me is what grace is all about. In order to have grace and to receive grace, you've got to give grace. In order to be grace-full, ...

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