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Take the Lord's Table to Others

And just as we experience the presence of the Lord, I believe with every part of my being and more that we are to take this presence to share with those around us. We are to take the Lord's Table to other people.

So as I talk about taking the Lord's Table to people, I'm not literally saying for you to take a some bread and cup full of juice to work or next door to your neighbor and say, "Hey my pastor said I ought to do this. He said I ought to bring you communion and that it would be really good for you." I'm not saying that. Although it certainly would be good to take someone a meal especially if they are sick.

What I'm saying is that we ought to be taking grace to people around us. We ought to be showing them what the grace of God looks like. This is especially important because what a lot of people see Christians bringing to them is two scoops judgment with a covering of hypocrisy. ...

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