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There was a man traveling through a certain area out west and he ran out of gas. As the economy was bad, he was really struggling. He didn’t have any money and was trying to get home to his wife and kids after interviewing for a job. So he looked in the phone book and called a sister church. The pastor and an elder were there and heard the story and went to help this man. They met him at his car and picked him up. Once in the car, the elder felt God impress to him that they needed to grab lunch. “Come with us to get some lunch?” The man of course couldn’t very well refuse as he was riding with them. The three ate and got to know each other a little better with the elder buying lunch. Then they took the gas can and got a couple of gallons of gas. When they arrived back at the man’s car, the elder shook his hand and said, “The Lord impressed upon me that I need to do this.” He opened up his wallet and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and said to buy something nice for his family with whatever was left. The man tried to refuse but the elder insisted telling him that the Lord wants him to do this. With tears coming down his face, the man thanked them saying that he had never experienced such generosity and love before.

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