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ILL. Some years ago a widow shared some of the story of her life. When her husband was 39 he died in his sleep of a massive heart attack.

That day had begun like any other day - he awoke at the same time - went to work - performed his duties - came home at the end of the day - played with his kids - ate supper - watched TV with his family - tucked his kids into bed - kissed his wife "goodnight" & went to sleep - never to awake. He died in his sleep.

She was 37 when he died & left her with 3 children - a son, 15, a daughter 8, & another son, 6. She said, "I was not a Christian when he died, & at first the burden was so heavy."

She said, "I thought that God & everyone else had forsaken me & that life was no longer worth living. But somehow, in the midst of my struggles," she said, "God found me & lifted me up. I’ll not tell you that we didn’t have troubles," she continued. "I had rebellious teenagers & trouble making ...

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