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Claude and Amanda Tackett were a typical young mid-western couple, living in Louisville KY. They were members of the Southeast Christian Church. Claude had recently completed law school and was doing well in his first job as a lawyer.

In January of this year, Amanda gave birth to their first child, Luke. Their future as a family looked so bright. Then the present came crashing around them. Three days after giving birth to Luke, while still in the hospital, Amanda got out of bed to put the baby in his bassinet. Claude was asleep. Suddenly Claude was awakened by the sound of Amanda crying out his name.

She was grasping the side of her bed, doubled over in pain. Claude hit the nurse’s call button, and the next minute the room turned into a scene right out of ER. The nurses took Amanda’s blood pressure, and she didn’t have any. They made Claude leave the room. Within a few minutes, the doctor came out to inform Claude that Amanda had died from a pulmonary embolism. In laymen’s terms, she died when a massive blood clot lodged in an artery between her heart and her lungs. Claude was left with a three day old son and no wife.

In March of this year, Claude sat down with a reporter of a Louisville newspaper. Listen to some of the things Claude told the newspaper reporter. "I wish I could say I was strong, that I never questioned God, that I always trusted and believed. But it’s so hard. Every night for nine months we prayed that God would keep Luke and Amanda safe. Every night for nine months! Frankly there were several days when I looked despair in the eye. But there’s no way you can live like that."

Claude then looked at the tiny child sleeping in his lap. "I have only one dream for Luke: it’s the primary goal of my life. My goal is that my son will not spend a single moment outside the will of God- that when he realizes he needs a savior, the next instant he will ask Jesus to come into his heart. I want Luke to see his mother again someday."

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