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From the book: Wacky Laws, Weird Decisions and Strange Statues, Main Street publishers.

Divorce Court:

a. Marshfield, Wisconsin: When the couple married, he promised to pay her $1 for each kiss as long as they remained married. She sued him for divorce and asked the court for an award of $3,000 in back payments.

b. Pendleton, Oregon: She sued him for divorce because he never gave her Christmas presents. He claimed to be confident that Santa would bring them.

c. Canon City, Colorado: She sued him on the grounds that he forced her to hide under the dashboard of his automobile whenever he passed a girlfriend.

d. Price, Utah: he petitioned the court for a divorce because she insisted on hanging the pictures of her four ex-husbands over the bed.

e. Crawford, Indiana a woman sued for divorce because she claimed her husband had a habit of bringing friends into their bathroom while she was in the tub (pages 61-63).

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