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Charles Haddon Spurgeon had this type of experience. Even as a young lad he was conscious of sin, but couldn’t find peace. It so happened under the providential over-ruling of God that one Sunday morning he was prevented from attending his usual place of worship because of a snowstorm. He was obliged to stop on the road because of the weather conditions. Rather than not go to church at all he went into a little Methodist chapel that happened to be near by. The service began but no minister appeared - he’d been delayed in the same way as Spurgeon. At last one of the church officers came to the pulpit and opened his Bible and read the words: "Look unto Me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth" (45:22). It appears that he set his eyes on Spurgeon and said, "Young man, you’re in trouble; you will never get out of it unless you look to Christ." Then lifting up his hands he cried out, ’Look! Look! Look! It’s only LOOK!’" Spurgeon recorded in later life that he saw at once the way of salvation. He said, "I’d been waiting to do fifty things, but when I heard this word ’LOOK’, what a charming word it seemed to me." That morning the future "Prince of Preachers" simply "looked" to the Lord Jesus Christ and left the service a new creature in Christ Jesus.

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