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Let me end this message with a short story. Who among you knows Albert Einstein? I guess you graduating seniors know him. The one who formulated the E=MC2, which led to the discovery of the atomic bomb. When he discovered the formula, a lot of institutions invited him to give lectures on his discovery. With him was his driver, who was with him wherever he went. No wonder, the driver was able to memorize the way Albert Einstein conducts his lecture.

One day, Albert saw his driver in their garage, conducting the lecture by himself, the same way Albert conducts it. Albert applauded because he was so impressed. His driver saw him and was shocked that he was being watched by his boss. Albert asked his driver if he could replace him in his next lecture. The driver right away said yes, but he requested a favor. He requested to Albert that when they would go to their next appointment, Albert would drive for him. Albert, without any question nodded his head and said yes.

To make the long story short, they went to their next appointment with Albert Einstein driving and the driver conducting the lecture. Everything went good and the lecture ended fine. But all of a sudden, somebody ...

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