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Recently Jeanie and I have been working on a project to install a mantle above our fireplace. It is going to be beautiful when we finish it, if we ever finish it. The problem is that we started with a piece of wood that had already been molded into something else. It had been a piece of furniture and we are trying to make it into a fireplace mantle. Here is the voice of experience. It is much easier to build something from scratch than try to take something already firmly shaped and make it into something else. That’s why contractors throw perfectly good material away. It takes too much time to reshape things and try to make them work after the fact.

Jeanie is a seamstress and she would much rather make a drape from scratch using new material than to take an old drape and tear out the old seams and try to make a different drape from the old material. It’s a lot easier to shape a child than to reshape an adult. I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m just saying it’s a whole lot easier.

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