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In 1993, social scientist Nicholas Zill reported that children of divorced parents are, regardless of their economic circumstances, more likely to have poor relationships with their parents, drop out of high school and receive psychological help.

Uses the following statistics to support his conclusion. According to Zill, the

high school dropout rate for teens whose parents are not divorced is 13% while the dropout

rate for those in single parent homes is 31%. Teens from divorced families are 3 times

likely to dropout than kids whose parents stay together even if they are not happy with

each other.

The teen pregnancy rate for among two parent families is 11% whereas the teen

pregnancy rate among divorced families is 33%. Teens from families where divorce occurs

are 3 times more likely to become pregnant than teens whose parents stay together.

Zill said, "Many people were saying single-parent families are just different, not necessarily worse or better, and the factors that link kids to problems have to do with poverty," Zill said. "But my research didn’t support that explanation."

Quoted in The Los Angeles Times, 5/27/96, page A16.

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