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Some years ago in Whitsunday Baptist Church a few men got together and started a prayer meeting. We met every week on a Monday morning at 6 am at Wyn’s place. It was high up on the side of a mountainous hill that overlooked Proserpine and back towards Airlie Beach. They were great prayer meetings. I miss them. "NO WOMEN ALLOWED!" we said. Just for the blokes! We felt we could accomplish a whole lot more without having women present to distract us and restrict us from being ourselves. Men seem to want to impress women when they are around. We didn’t want that. We wanted to be real with eachother, and accountable to eachother. We laughed a lot, prayed a lot, shared a lot and had men from all over the world join us at various times. Sometimes the group grew quite large. At other times it was quite small.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus only calls men to be among the 12 disciples? Why no women? IS HE A MALE CHAUVINIST WHO THINKS ONLY MEN CAN GET THE JOB DONE? I don’t think so. In the wider circle of disciples there were women. He obviously has close women friends also such as Mary and Martha but they are not included in the 12. Why?

What we do know is that men are to lead the way concerning sharing the message of the Gospel, to show leadership for others to follow.

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