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Have you ever seen a mob on TV or movies? They are dangerous, and can become murderous in an instant.

People in mobs are like cattle before a stampede. Ever see that? In the movie Red River, John Wayne and his men are moving cattle along the Chisolm trail, and the cattle are spooked by howling coyotes and such.

Then one of the men, trying to get some sugar, knocks down all the pans off the chuckwagon, and the cattle stampede, killing one of the wranglers watching over them.

Just before they stampeded, the cattle were tense, and the men knew it wouldn’t take much to set them off.

Mobs are like that.

They’re tense, waiting for the slightest provocation to begin destroying whatever and whoever they want.

A crowd might be defined as a “pre-mob” bunch. They may never turn into a mob, but they can be fickle, wondering around like a bunch of sheep, looking for direction.

The crowd of people who cheer Jesus at the Triumphal Entry soon turns into a mob that would later crucify Him.

SOURCE: Brian La Croix in "A Tale of Two Crowds" on

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