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You see many people want the benefits of being in the Son without actually “being in the Son.” They want ‘heaven without the hassle’. So it is pretty common for people to believe in Christ and yet still walk in darkness. In 2 Corinthians 11:14, “And no wonder For Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” His purpose is to deceive and to destroy -- and many are being overcome by his schemes. In Andrew Lloyd Webbers “the Phantom of the Opera” The phantom becomes infatuated with a chorus girl. So, he poses as an angel of music, hides behind her dressing room, and gives her voice lessons. At one point he takes her under the opera house. While down there, he sings these words to her: Close your eyes, for your eyes can only show the truth… And the truth isn’t what you want to see… In the dark it is easy to pretend… that the truth is what you want to be . . . Open up your mind… let your fantasies unwind… In this darkness, which you know, you cannot fight… The darkness of the music of the night… Close your eyes and let music set you free… Only then will you belong to me… For I compose the music of the night… So he’s singing: “Close your eyes, don’t see the truth, let darkness overwhelm you.” Then, interestingly, he proposes that this disregard for the truth will set her free. Posing as an angel of light Satan wants us to close our eyes to the truth as well -- so that we too will be overcome by the darkness. But God wants us to open our eyes, and to walk in His light so that we can overcome the schemes of the devil. And God has given us everything we need to do that.

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