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A child is doing his homework inside, and it's a bright and sunny day. The child's father runs in and says, "Son, drop EVERYTHING! We're going to the amusement park, and you're going to play all afternoon!" The son gladly drops his pencil and paper and runs to follow his father!

What about a worker with a laborious project? The boss walks in and tells him, "Good worker, drop EVERYTHING! I'll even pay for your time off, and I'll cover this project. Come back next week and have a good break!"

In both instances, we would GLADLY drop everything.

1. In some ways, dropping everything seems foolish or uncomfortable -- less desirable. In our lives, dropping what seems stable is hard.

2. As we will see in our text, as we encounter the Lord, we must drop everything in light of His calling on our lives. Truly, a proper response to an encounter with God is to drop everything and follow Him.

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