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One of the strongest cases of a man using his tongue to bless God and curse man relates to Augustus M. Toplady. He blessed God with the beautiful hymn of adoration that he penned, “Rock of Ages.” It is a moving, biblical tribute to Christ and His finished work of redemption. Yet the same mouth cursed man, saying of the great John Wesley, when the latter was past 70 and Toplady a ministerial novice of only 30; “He is a lurking assassin, guilty of audacity and falsehood; a knave, guilty of mean, malicious impotence. He is an Ishmaelite, a bigot, a papist, a defamer, a reviler, a liar, without the honesty of a heathen, and impudent slanderer; with Satanic guilt only exceeded by Satan himself, if even by him. he is an echo of Satan.” Incredible, isn’t it?

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