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That’s why I think it is very important in understanding God’s grace to comprehend the difference between three words- used in Scripture. Justice - Mercy & Grace. Justice is deserved punishment. Mercy is exemption from punishment, Grace is favor when punishment is deserved. (Repeat)

Let me share an illustration that for me, clears up the difference between these three concepts. If you don’t know I spent 12 years in law enforcement. So, let’s say I’m still a police officer. I arrive at a scene where through your carelessness you’ve jumped the curb, you’ve damaged your car and you’ve knocked down and destroyed a city sign. Now, I survey the scene and you admit that the accident was your fault so I give you a ticket for careless driving, I assign you a court date and I inform you that the city will be in touch with you so that you can pay for a new sign -that’s justice -deserved punishment. But let’s say out of the goodness of my heart I say, "Well, I know this can happen to anybody and you’ve already got to pay for the damage to your car so I’ll just let it go, no ticket and you don’t have to pay for the sign.” You’d say, "That’s incredible," but that’s MERCY - Exemption from punishment. But let’s say that I was really generous and I tell you, you’re not going to get a ticket; but not only ...

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