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15 Labor Day Sermon and Worship Resources 

Discover 15 powerful Labor Day sermon and worship resources to use in your church. As Colossians 3:23 says, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters." 


1. Lunch Bucket Christians, by Larry Osborne

Which of these attitudes and actions do you find hardest to exhibit? What challenges do you face in consistently exhibiting them? 

2. God's Grace in the Workplace, by Adrian Rogers

Don’t get the idea that to serve God you have to be a minister, or a missionary, or on the staff of some Christian organization. Every job, if it is done in the power of the Holy Spirit, is a sacred job. 

3. God is Not a Capitalist, by Hal Seed

The Parable of the 11th Hour Work was told to describe God as a Landowner unlike any other.

4. Am I a Jerk at Work?

If we take this perspective the question becomes "How am I behaving toward others?" rather than always asking, "How are others treating me?" This change in thinking will revolutionize our relationships, our emotional well being, and our spirituality.

5. Lessons for Labor Day

Here’s a message for the Labor Day weekend. The story of how a Dad helps his son illustrates how God helps us with our tasks.

6. The High Calling of Work

Most of the time when we think of church, we think of Sunday. But Sunday is really about Monday. If our job as Christians was simply to get together and worship God, we could do that in Heaven. But our job is more than that: that’s why God has us strategically placed right where we are. The high calling to work is a call to transform our organizations, our jobs, and our responsibilities.

7. Honoring God at Work

Ever felt like you were thrown to the lions at work? How did you handle it? Daniel struggled with how to please God and his boss at work. Daniel 6:1-28 shows us how to honor God at work. 

8. Finding Worth in Your Work

While you may get tired at your job, or even be tired of your job, the Bible teaches that work has intrinsic value of your work.

9. How to Get the Job Done

As Paul talks to the Corinthian church he gives some awesome advice about how to get the job done in the most importnat work of life - His church!

10. For the Love of Labor

Both Jamestown and Plymouth nearly failed in their early years. But it was the Pilgrims' view of labor that not only saved it's colony, but became the driving force in making our nation great.

11. Freedom to Work and Work in Freedom

What is the most effective use of our time then? How do people help themselves and others to manage their time better?

12. A Work in Progress

Every thing you do in God is to be enjoyable and not miserable. This sermon will challenge you that trials and tribulations come to grow you into the person God has called you to be. 


13. Video: Labor Day 

Straight from Colossians 3, this video is a great reminder of how we should seek to glorify God in the workplace.

14. PowerPoint Package: A Workman Approved

These images will encourage your congregation to present themselves to God as workmen approved, correctly handling the word of truth (2 Timothy 2).

15. PowerPoint Package: Plan for Success

A set of PowerPoint-ready slides for your sermon series based on Joshua 1:1-18, Deuteronomy 10:12-16:12, Deuteronomy 10:12-22 or Ruth 4:2-8:2. 

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