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16 Advent Sermon and Worship Resources

Advent is a season of watching and waiting on our Lord Jesus. Here are 16 powerful Advent sermon and worship resources for your church. 


1. "A Pathway To Peace” (Advent), by Chuck Swindoll

This is the season of Peace. Peace on earth, good will toward men. Peace is the most sought-after ‘commodity’ in our hectic lives. Mankind will go to great lengths to compromise for the sake of peace.

2. Advent Candle Meanings

These are my weekly readings and mini devotionals that go with the entire Advent season. 

3. Jesus' Advent Means Restoration

Jesus’ Advent Means Restoration 1) For the fallen tent of David 2) For the fallen descendants of Adam.

4. Come Home for Christmas

It is normal to have a longing for home, especially during the Christmas Holy Days. Before God created mankind, he had a plan on the drawing board. His plan was to create an environment in which He would place mankind.

5. Advent

Jesus is the light of the world who through his birth brought new hope to the world.

6. What's an Advent?

We celebrate Christmas and Advent every year but do we really know why we celebrate these traditions?

7. Advent Hope

A sermon on Isaiah’s beautiful vision of hope for the people of his own day and for us today.

8. The Two Advents

The uncompromising preaching of John. Bearing fruit that proves our repentance. Practical moral guidance. Redirecting Messianic expectations.

9. The Need for Advent

Sometimes when you try to help someone you think is in need; you are met with resentment because the person or family doesn’t think they are in need.

10. The Advent Adventure

Repentance leads to an adventure with Christ.

11. Advent-ure!

God calls us into the wilderness on adventures in faith — but he goes with us.

12. Advent: Hope is on the Way!

Week one of advent starts with the message that in the birth of Christ, in his life, death, and resurrection--Hope Enters the Word & As it was then it remains today "Hope is on the Way." 


13. PowerPoint Package: This Is Advent 

Bring Christmas to life with this PowerPoint, Use on its own or with the “This Is Advent” video illustration and motions. 

14. Video: Advent 

This simple, elegant and powerful video is a great fit for the Advent season.

15. PowerPoint Package: Advent Modern

Celebrate the fourth week of Advent, Love, with this modern PowerPoint! We eagerly anticipate his coming in love. 

16. PowerPoint Package: Journey to Advent 

A phenomenal Advent image including a favorite Scripture for your holiday services.

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