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IRS Spam Call -

I wanted to share an experience that I just had on the phone. I got that dreaded spam call from the IRS. I knew it was false but I felt like I wanted to talk to a person about it. So I called the number.

A young lady answered. She gave me a name and told me I owed $4800 on my IRS tax bill. She wanted me to settle now. After talking for a while I asked her, "What religion are you?" She was surprised but said, "I am a Christian." So I told her she was talking to a pastor and I was sure that what she was doing was immoral and against what God would have her to do.

I shared with her that she knows that taking money from people was wrong and a sin. So I asked her what she thought. She said, "I do this because of my family. My brother is in the hospital. I need the money." So I told her there had to be a better way to make money.

Then I shared that eternity is more important. You could tell that she was listening as the line got quite. She apologized and asked me to pray for her. Right there on the phone I prayed for her. Wow! I could sense God's presence. I knew God was up to something.

I guess for me the moral of the story is be sensitive to God's Spirit. You never know who He will allow you to minister to. #beingthechurch

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