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· I’m a pastor, and theologically, I am not paid for the work I do, I am paid so that I may be free to devote myself to the ministry. It makes a difference.

· My church does not pay me to preach the Gospel. I do that freely.

· My church does not pay me to visit someone in the hospital. I do that freely.

· When someone calls me at 3:00 AM and needs to talk to the pastor, I don’t’ punch a time clock or report my time to someone.

· Visiting a parishioner—how can you put a price tag on that?

· Counseling someone in crisis? I wouldn’t know what to charge.

· My salary is given to me so that I can be free to devote myself completely to ministry, and not be distracted by another full time job.

· I’m reminded of a minister who was sitting with his Board of Elders. An elder said, “I...

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